1200mg Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture – 60ml


Our 1200mg full-spectrum CBD 60ml tincture really is something special. Made from the finest gourmet hemp flowers and medium-chain triglycerides, this organic CBD tincture provides the best that Mother Nature has to offer in the convenience of a sublingual liquid.

At HerbKing, we have worked long hours to perfect this formula to provide maximum healing benefits for those truly in need of a solution. The result of this exhaustive testing is a full-spectrum, fully-legal hemp oil that contains 18mg CBD + 1mg THC + 1mg CBG + 1mg CBC in every serving.

A Formula that Really Works

There are many organic CBD tinctures on the market that claim to offer the benefits of hemp. Unfortunately, many of these oils contain only nominal amounts of cannabinoids and provide zero real benefits to users. This has led to skepticism about the effectiveness of hemp products and contributed to the controversial reputation of the CBD industry in general.

Our goal at HerbKing is to shift the paradigm that “CBD oil doesn’t work” with a formula that’s designed to give results. The specific blend of cannabinoids we’ve chosen showcases the true power of cannabinoids through the synergy of The Entourage Effect

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We’re convinced that our full-spectrum CBD tincture is one of the truest cannabis-derived natural medicines on the planet and we’re honored to bring this product to the world. Try our organic CBD tincture for yourself by purchasing online or in-store. We’re sure that you won’t be disappointed and will want to buy some for all of your friends!

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