Lab Results

HerbKing is the real deal when it comes to hemp, and we back this up with our third-party hemp test results. Every batch of lab-tested CBD comes with its own unique Certificate of Analysis (CoA) that you can view online with a single click. Learn more about our third-party testing and how to view our CoAs. View the Lab Results for our products below. 

Why Lab-Tested CBD Is Vital

Before hemp was legalized in 2018, cannabidiol products had appeared on store shelves with next to no regulation or testing. A study published by the JAMA Network in 2017 revealed that 69% of the 84 CBD tinctures tested weren’t accurately labeled — and consumers started to demand a change.

As soon as Farm Bill 7606 was passed, we launched our line of lab-tested CBD products — transparent, honest, and matching what was written on the label. Our hemp test results back up every claim that’s made on the ingredient and values list. HerbKing sells products you know you can count on.

How to View Hemp Test Results at HerbKing

Checking out our test results is easy. Just go to the product you want to view, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and scan the QR code to see our third-party lab results. Each product also comes with the QR code on the packet so you can double-check the contents before use.

Shop Lab-Tested CBD at HerbKing

Ready to experience hemp like never before? HerbKing is the place to shop. In our popular product line, we’ve got everything from CBD isolates to gummies and vape cartridges — all derived from legal hemp.
If you have a retail business, we can talk about wholesale prices and getting HerbKing products into your store. Our products are also available online with simple payment from your Coinbase account. Call us at +1 (888) 436-7260 for more information and sign up for our text notifications to win free hemp.