CBD for Athletes

What if you had to retire from pro sports in order to get access to relief? That’s the dilemma that many professional NFL athletes are facing. In a news report from the Chicago Tribune, Super Bowl-winner Rob Gronkowski explains that he felt pain-free for the first time in years when he ended his career and turned to CBD. While he doesn’t plan to return to the field, “Gronk” is now an advocate for CBD for athletes as a tool for reducing pain and inflammation.

CBD’s Benefits for Athletes

Gronkowski’s major emphasis when discussing CBD for athletes is the role of the compound in supporting recovery. According to anecdotal and mounting scientific evidence, CBD may relieve inflammation and pain and help to protect the brain after traumatic head injuries. CBD products marketed for athletes typically include tinctures and isolates as well as topicals that contain CBD. However, players in the National Football League are currently not allowed to access its many benefits.

The NFL Is Considering the Evidence

Apart from Gronkowski, several other (ex-)NFL players have gotten on the cannabis bandwagon. Ricky Williams, Tiki Barber, Calvin Johnson, and Joe Montana are just four of the other footballers who are touting CBD’s benefits for athletes. While the NFL doesn’t yet allow CBD for athletes, the NFL-NFLPA Pain Management Committee announced that the board is considering the available research. So far, they’re erring on the side of caution until evidence of its safety is abundantly clear.

CBD for Athletes vs. Prescription Opioids

A darker factor that clouds the cannabis drug-testing issue is the prevalence of prescription opioids. Players need to use something for pain, and opioids are FDA-approved. The great irony in the CBD vs. opioids debate is that opioids are known to kill whereas CBD has a “good safety profile.” And while the NFL-NFLPA Pain Management Committee may feel that they are being suitably cautious, many ex-NFL players are now abusing opioids well into retirement and many are heavy drinkers as well. We can only hope that CBD research advances in time to prevent this situation from continuing into the future.

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Whether or not it’s 100% approved, players across the board are turning to CBD for athletes, and non-athletes are discovering its benefits, too. Inspired by the anecdotal stories and preliminary research, HerbKing opened its doors soon after the 2018 Farm Bill was passed with a growing collection of hemp flowers, tinctures, extracts, gummies, and massage oil. Our full-spectrum CBD tincture is especially popular for its effectiveness in bringing relief.

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