The Boom in Hemp Fabric Clothing

Since the cultivation and sale of hemp were legalized in the United States, it seems as if hemp-based projects and innovations have sprouted up all over the place. Alongside advances in hemp construction and hemp plastic, we’re seeing a greater appreciation for the benefits of hemp clothing and underwear. What’s the big fuss about? Check out some of the advantages of hemp clothing and you’ll probably want to hop on the hemp clothing bandwagon too.

Hemp Uses Half as Much Water as Cotton

Cotton has traditionally been the textile of choice for everything from briefs to hats. It breathes well, is soft on the skin, and is fully biodegradable — as long as it’s not mixed with anything else. However, the world’s favorite textile plant is also one of the world’s thirstiest crops, using 10,000 liters of water to produce a single kilogram of cotton. In contrast, hemp has a water footprint (WF) that is half to less than a third of the water footprint of cotton.

Hemp Is Three Times Stronger than Cotton

The benefits of hemp clothing don’t end with water consumption. Hemp fabric is also said to be three times as strong as cotton and also longer-lasting. If you think about it, hemp was traditionally used to make rope, so it certainly doesn’t wear out too quickly! Fortunately, clothing made from hemp is strong without being scratchy. The hemp fibers are extracted and broken down and then spun to produce a thread that can be woven into fabric. The result is soft enough to wear while maintaining excellent durability.

Hemp Has Moisture-Wicking Properties

Smelly feet could be a thing of the past thanks to the moisture-absorbing benefits of hemp clothing. According to Ashley O’Connor, an employee at Owego Hemp, hemp socks are one of the brand’s most popular products because they wick away the sweat from the skin — keeping your feet fresh and dry. In addition to comfortable crew socks, the brand also sells hats, boxers, T-shirts, bags, and even hemp shoes. It just goes to show how versatile this amazing material is!

Hemp Offers Fireproof Properties

The advantages of hemp clothing could offer special benefits to firefighters and rescue personnel because hemp may offer a certain degree of fire resistance. According to research, natural fiber reinforced polymer composites (NFRP) may be effective for fire resistance with an “increase in fiber volume above 25%.” However, while we know that hempcrete for building is fire-resistant, a lot more research and development need to be done to explore the fireproof benefits of hemp clothing.

Love Your Hemp with HerbKing

The benefits of hemp clothing are just one of the many reasons that we love our hemp. This plant has so much to offer and we’re only touching the tip of the iceberg! If you’d like to enjoy the properties of hemp, be sure to check out the complete HerbKing collection. We have hemp-infused massage oil, whole hemp flowers, CBD isolate, and much more. Sign up for text notifications for the latest deals on our premium hemp!

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