HerbKing’s Guide to Smoking CBD Hemp Flowers

We know that people smoke marijuana, but do people really smoke hemp? According to an article from CBD Flowers, people both can and do. If smoking CBD hemp flower is something that you think might interest you, read on to find out how to smoke CBD, the benefits, risks, and things to consider.

Smoking Hemp Won’t Get You High

Usually, people smoke cannabis to get an instant hit, relief from their worries and feel relaxed all afternoon. However, these stereotypical effects only happen because most cannabis is high in THC. In a typical strain of marijuana, you’ll find 10-25% THC and other strains have even more. In contrast, hemp contains a maximum of 0.3% THC in the USA and 0.2% in Europe — so there’s next to zero chance that smoking CBD hemp flower will give you a “high.”

Why People Choose to Smoke Hemp Flowers

So, if smoking hemp isn’t exactly a recreational pursuit, why would people do it in the first place? Basically, it depends on what you’re looking for. If you simply want to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without getting baked out of your mind, then hemp flower is a great option. As stated previously, the minute amounts of THC that the hemp flower typically contains aren’t enough to alter the senses. Furthermore, the high concentration of CBD in the plant helps to counteract any psychoactive effects.

Pros and Cons

The primary benefit of smoking CBD hemp flower is an extremely fast onset of effects. While you might be waiting a fair while after taking a CBD tincture to “feel anything,” smoking hemp is just like smoking marijuana — the onset of effects is pretty much instant. If you’re suffering from seizures, multiple sclerosis, pain, inflammation, or anxiety, fast relief is probably what you want.

On the downside, smoking CBD hemp flower carries multiple risks, no matter how pure your product is. Because you’re pushing the plant material to the point of combustion, you’ll be inhaling carcinogens and tar and potentially damaging your lungs. It’s also much harder to measure the perfect dosage. The good news is that smoking cannabis of any variety is still less harmful than smoking cigarettes that are full of added chemicals. But if you’re a child, elderly patient, or suffer from respiratory problems, it’s probably best to find a different method of consumption.

How to Smoke CBD with HerbKing

If you’d like to try smoking CBD hemp flower at home, HerbKing offers premium, lab-tested hemp flowers in bulk that contain less than 0.3% THC. In fact, raw hemp is one of our most popular products — we currently supply up to 1,500 pounds per year to dispensaries and individuals around the country! You can buy our hemp flowers online and enjoy quick USPS shipping or learn more about selling our hemp flowers wholesale to capitalize on the CBD craze.

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