5 Uses for Hemp That Might Surprise You

You probably know that hemp was once used to make rope and that hemp seeds make a delicious addition to salads and cooking. However, there are several uses for hemp that few people even know about. When the cultivation and distribution of hemp across state lines was legalized with the 2018 Farm Bill, the popularity of hemp shot up, and with it, a new awareness of what hemp can be used for beyond food and CBD concentrates.

  1. Clothing

The fibers needed for a simple cotton T-shirt take a whopping 720 gallons of water to grow, making cotton one of the thirstiest fabrics that we use to make our clothing today. If we switched to hemp-based fabrics for clothing, we would use only half that amount of water while drawing down more carbon from the atmosphere. 

Of all of the lesser-known uses for hemp, fabric is probably the most immediate application that we should start taking advantage of now. Hemp fabric is strong, becomes softer with age, and offers impressive antimicrobial properties in addition to its smaller environmental footprint.

  1. Plastic

It’s no secret that plastic is one of the most polluting substances on Earth today. Each year, countries with access to the coast dump between 5.3 and 14 million tons of plastic into the ocean, and this plastic will take hundreds to thousands of years to decompose.

Coincidentally, making biodegradable plastic is one of the possible uses for hemp. Hemp is high in cellulose — a key ingredient for making plastic. Large companies like Porsche have even started to use hemp to make bioplastic for car production, as an example of just what hemp is capable of.

  1. Construction

Construction is another area where hemp can really shine. What can hemp be used for in the construction scene? While you can’t make a whole building from hemp, you can mix hemp’s pulpy middle with a lime-based binder to produce hempcrete.

When hempcrete is used for structural support, it can make the wall three to four times stronger (as far as load strength) and weighs only 1/8th of the weight you would expect from a similar amount of standard concrete.

  1. Personal Hygiene

The antibacterial uses for hemp make it excellent as an ingredient for soap. In contrast to additives like triclosan that dry the skin, hemp soap contains high levels of moisture-protective Omega 3 and 6, plus antioxidants Vitamin E and Vitamin A. 

Hemp soaps are generally made from the seeds of the hemp plant, meaning that they can be made from low-cost, industrial hemp. If you’ve never tried hemp soap before, you could easily experience its beneficial properties by making your own bars of hemp soap at home.

  1. Supercapacitors

Of the top uses for hemp, this one usually comes as a surprise! The wood-like pulpy center of hemp stalks can be used to make carbon nanomaterials for supercapacitor batteries.

Supercapacitors are different from regular batteries because they charge and discharge in mere seconds. Researchers are trialing supercapacitors made from hemp to see if this plant can improve their capacity in a way that’s gentler on the environment.

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